21 June Jun 2015 1915 3 years ago

An ATM to know the projects financed by Banca Etica

In the market of Cascina Triulza it is active, for withdrawals and other transactions, the ATM of the first Italian bank of the savings ethic

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Not only cultural contents, in Cascina Triulza you can also use the ATM of Banca Etica, one of the services of the first Italian bank entirely inspired by the principles of ethical finance. The ATM, located in the market, is available to those who want to withdraw cash or carry out other operations and it representes an opportunity to become better acquainted with Banca Etica. Around the ATM are located some pictures of reality funded by the institute, which, with the savings collected, extending credit only to individuals and member organizations for sustainable projects in social and environmental. And it is the only bank in Italy to publish funding provided to organizations on its website.

The Banca Etica Group is working to bring in Cascina Triulza a series of cultural insights that will help to give the point of view of business ethics on issues of the World Exhibition. The path promoted by the members is realized in the organization of several visits "accompanied" inside and outside the Exhibition. All information available on www.bancaetica.it/dentro-expo.