18 June Jun 2015 1905 4 years ago

Defense of European soil: from Cascina Triulza the quest for a change

The third sector organizations call for a law against the overbuilding of agricultural land

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Every day in The European Union 3 square kilometers of territory disappear, especially agriculture soil, due to urbanization and infrastructure growth. In one year, overbuilding in Europe destroyed a surface that, if cultivated and preserved, it would have produced the equivalent of 4 billion cereal-based daily meals for human nutrition.

Today, in the Civil Society Pavilion of Expo, several NGOs presented the “People4Soil” campaign. The project was illustrated by the representatives of the promoting associations: Legambiente Lombardia, CIA province of Milano, LIPU, INU – CRCS, ACLI milanesi.

Territories not urbanized and not used for agricolture or forestry, today occupy an extension as large as Britain. There are also problems with the erosion, degradation and loss of soil fertility. Large surfaces have become unsuitable for cultivation due to the effect of pollution and disposal of industrial or mining activity.

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LEGAMBIENTE  is the most widespread environmental organization in Italy, with 20 Regional branches, more than 1,500 local groups in the whole country and more than 115,000 members. It is acknowledged as “association of environmental interest” by the Ministry of the Environment; it represents the UNEP National Committee for Italy, it is one of the leading member of EEB (“European Environmental Bureau”) the Federation of European environmental organization, and of IUCN - the World Conservation Union.