14 June Jun 2015 1037 4 years ago

World Day of the donor, who donates blood is more careful about proper nutrition

In Cascina Triulza presented the first results of research Avis-Nfi

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Avis donors are more conscious of good dietary practices. This is the first result of a global research of Avis-Nfi (Nutrition Foundation of Italy) presented in Cascina Triulza June 14th on the occasion of the World Day of the Blood Donor.

During the morning there was a conference sponsored by CIVIS (Coordination between organizations of italian volunteers of blood, consisting of AVIS, Italian Red Cross, and Fidas Fratres), National Blood Centre and the International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations (FIODS) on the topic of blood donation in the world, with a focus on healthy lifestyles and nutrition.

Title of the event was "Thank you for saving my life", slogan chosen by the World Health Organization for this year's Day.

On the same morning 3 thousand donors gathered in the courtyard of Cascina with shirts and hats with the logos of the World Day, participating live in the realization of the 'Table of sharing' of the artist Alberto Gianfreda.