10 June Jun 2015 1853 4 years ago

Patrimony and cultural activity? For the first time in Italy a digital platform to manage them

A Coopculture project: the cooperative is leader in the sector and has also shown his Relationship of Sustainability in Cascina Triulza

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CoopCulture, firm leader in Italy in the compartment of the cultural heritage, has presented in Cascina Triulza "Rete Culture": the first digital platform of social innovation for the integrated management of cultural heritages and tourist activities.

Shown on the occasion of Expo Milano 2015, Rete Culture is particularly directed to the organizations that operate on the Italian territory in the sector of the cultural heritage and the correlated tourist activities, with the objective to improve and to widen the accessibility of the patrimony and the territories that host it. Rete Culture is a digital platform (www.coopculture.it/reteculture.cfm) that groups, confirms and puts into a organized system all the information and the resources on the web for the management of the Italian cultural heritage.

"Rete culture - says Giovanna Barni, chairman of CoopCulture - allows to make a breakthrough in the essential collaboration between public and private, between institutions and cooperative entrepreneurship. Our ambition is to accelerate an inversion of tendency: from mechanisms of decision top-down to collaborative with the cooperation of the operators involved on the territories, stakeholders and communities, according to the new model of the sharing economy of which the cooperative system has been forerunner".

Through the digital platform, cooperatives that operate in the sector can concretely share models and standard of service, resources and information. With this digital instrument, they will be able to propose to their customers personalized offers, to monitorate the flows and the preferences of visitors in real time, to manage the bookings and the sales online as also the local box-offices. To promote this product CoopCulture proposes the free adhesion to the digital platform for the first 6 months. Such adhesion offers the opportunity to make a view of the services offered by Rete Culture.

"To make networking - affirms Roberto Ferrari, Economist of the Culture and Partner of Structure Consulting - and to put into an organized system informations and processes for the management of the cultural heritage is an important operation for each one that works in this sector. But is also important for all tourists who want to enjoy our immense patrimony".

The project has already had the support of Legacoop at national level, of Coopfond for the financing of the digital platform and CFI (Cooperazione Finanza Impresa) to finance the growth of local enterprises.