7 June Jun 2015 1952 4 years ago

Tasting, tourism, sustainability: three days with FestAmbientExpo at Cascina Triulza

Special edition at Expo 2015 of the annual event organized by Legambiente onlus

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The special edition of “FestAmbientExpo – Back to the land to seed the future”, organized by Legambiente Onlus for the world environment day, took place in Cascina Triulza from 5 to 7 June.

FestAmbientExpo celebrates food, not only sustainable food, but also the expression of that knowledge, local quality, and beauty of which Italy is so proud. It is a proposal to tell the world about new models of sustainable management practices and health of citizens, in order to make Expo an essential moment to deal with food security, nutrition, food safety, GMO, sustainable and qualitative agriculture.

On Friday, the world environment day, Legambiente, in partnership with Touring Club and Cobat, awarded the “5 Sails 2015”. Organizations and Majors of the cities awarded took part to the event, along with Legambiente national director Rossella Muroni. The day ended with “Naturalistic photography in landscapes of Lombardia”.

On Saturday, Legambiente awarded biological and biodynamic wines selected during the 25° National Tasting Festival, and a tasting of buffalo mozzarella TerraViva from Caserta followed.

On Sunday, the main topic has been tourism in parks and products from protected areas. Many events, such as “Good practice of innovation”, “Land of Ambassadors”, included a cooking workshop on raw food with Chefs Pietro Parisi and Pino Capano took place during the day.