7 June Jun 2015 2200 4 years ago

Alps Without Borders: music defeating frontiers

Three orchestras from Italy, France, and Slovenia have played together for the first time in Cascina Triulza

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The curtain rises on 123 young and talented musicians coming from Italy, France and Slovenia, some of them with mental disabilities. On June 7th 2015 three different orchestras play together for the first time at Expo Milan 2015, on the stage of Cascina Triulza, in a concert “Alps Without Borders”.

The French orchestra Tétras Lyre di Chambery, the Slovenian Miners’ Wind Band, and the Italian women chorus Armonie in Voce perform together on the stage, playing pieces from their three countries, promoted by the Convention of the Alps, Region Valposchiavo, District of Sondrio, Swiss Federal Office for local development, and CIPRA, the International Committee for the Protection of the Alps.

A première, but also a challenge for the musicians, who live 800 kilometers far from each other, speak different languages, come from different environments. Fabio Cancellara Gómez e Fabio Perversi from Matia Bazar. The agenda includes songs from all orchestras’ repertoires, among which famous melodies from the musical Cats and the Marcia Trionfale dell’Aida by Giuseppe Verdi.

Music against discrimination

The French orchestra Tétras Lyre di Chambéry is made up of 32 musicians, most of which are affected by mental disability, such as trisomy 21. Playing together is essential for their integration. Due to this engagement, as well as its professionalism, Tétras Lyre has received many awards. Miners’ Wind Band from Idrija (Slovenia), which is celebrating its 350 years of activities has been awarded several times, too. This is one of the oldest music bands in Europe, dating back to the times when mercury was extraxted in Idrija.

Union through diversity

The young musicians from Idrija and disabled people from Chambéry play along with the women chorus Armonie in Voce, made up of 41 women from Valtellina who, thanks to singing, preserve the Italian alpine music tradition and pass this legacy on to future generations.