2 June Jun 2015 1951 4 years ago

Healthy and fair food in Milan? An App made by schools tells you where

People's Expo presents in Cascina Triulza the projects for schools

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There are restaurants in Milan who use products at zero kilometers, supporting small farmers, respect the environment? There are and now some people has found them (the middle school in Milan) and put in an App already available in AppStore, Android and Windows Mobile. This and other projects were presented in Cascina Triulza during the People's Expo, an initiative that tries to bring outside Expo the themes of information, education and food security .

In the Auditorium of the Civil Society Pavilion (where better?), The Committee of People's Expo and CoLomba (Cooperazione Lombardia), during the Italian Republic Day, presented the series of actions that had involved students on the fundamental rights. Not only the App (which is called Cibo Giusto Milano), but also the educational kit for schools 'Feeding the rights of peoples', the play of the 3A high school Marconi, the rap of the 2A middle school Gramsci.

The App has been developed with the project 'Seminiamo il futuro': the classes involved in the initiative have mapped, in their neighborhoods, associations, restaurants, shops and supermarkets that sell food and have judged them according to the principles of the 'good, healthy, fair and sustainable' food: food as a universal human right; food that does not bring profit to the few and hunger to many; the healthy and nutritious food that respects the environment; food produced respecting the rights of workers; the price of food as meeting between the needs of consumers and those of the producers, promoting biodiversity and respecting the seasons.

The educational kit, available for teachers, contains a series of cultural tours and information on the food, on hunger in the world, on GMOs, on financial speculation, helpful in bringing into schools the issues of education and of food security, which are themes of Expo ('Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life').