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Discovering delicious food and wine from Calabria with Confcooperative

Appointment in Cascina Triulza from 1st June

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In Cascina Triulza there will be the tastes and flavors of the Calabrian excellence thanks to Confcooperative Calabria e alla Federazione calabrese delle Banche di Credito Cooperativo, united in an initiative in opposition to lawlessness and aims to enhance local products.

From Monday 1st to Sunday 7th June, in the market in Cascina Triulza will be possible to taste the products that make Calabria famous worldwide: the dairy products of the Cosentino, olive oil of Lametino, up to products bearing of Gioia Tauro. Don't miss the tasting of sweets, pepper sauces and spicy brawn.

The gastronomic journey created by Confcooperative and Federcasse Calabria will allow visitors of the stand, through the flavors, videos and the app dedicated to find out why Calabria is a land so beautiful, capable of giving delicacies that you can't produce in any other part of the world.