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Milk Fest for children in Cascina Triulza

Knowing milk and cheese production all days in workshops of Civil Society Pavilion

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On May 29th in Expo Milano 2015 is celebrated the day of milk, the first in a series announced by the Italian Minister of Agricolture, Maurizio Martina and dedicated to the various products of the earth. Cascina Triulza offers all children the unique opportunity to get close to milk, this amazing food since its origin thanks to Margherita: a "teaching cow" that perfectly reproduces a real cow and the young visitors will be able to milk under the guidance of qualified agronomists.

From 29 May to 31 October, two workshops a day, at 11:00 am and 5:00 pm to experience a pivotal moment in the life of a real farm, the milking. A simulation with water and non-toxic dye instead of milk, but perfectly plausible and engaging. At the end of their experience, the children will receive the diploma of "Bergamino", ancient italian term that indicates the milker.

Laboratories with Margherita the Cow will adapted to the age of the children: a format open and flexible to meet the needs of the young audience. Children will learn the characteristics of the milk and its path towards the various transformations. The initiative is made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Local Breeders of Varese and Como Lecco. The laboratories of the first week will be carried out under the guidance of agronomists of the cooperative Cofazo from Erba. After June 6 until the end of the Universal Exhibition, educational workshops with Margherita the Cow will be animated by young volunteers of the civil service who work at Civil Society Pavilion.