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Multiculturality and nutritional fragility with the association“Amici Casa della Carità”

Four meetings and four workshops to promote nutritional education

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This week the association Amici Casa della della Carità presents in Cascina Triulza the project “Esponiamoci”, proposing initiatives for adults and children. From 26 to May 30, four meetings and four workshops are held in the Civil Society Pavilion, in order to conjugate food and nutrition with dialogue between cultures and the attention to nutritional fragility, with a particular attention to the youngest and the elderly.

The project articulates in two actions. The first is about multiculturality and the consumption of food as a moment of encounter among different cultures. The second is based on nutritional fragility. The aim is a widespread nutritional education, through information and education.

On 26 May, from 10:30 until 14:00, the first one of the four meeting-lectures takes place, "Monotheism and alimentation", with: Paul Branca, teacher of the Catholic university in Milan and expert of Islam, father Mr. Virginio Colmegna, president of the House of the charity, and Maria Grazia Guida, President of the association.

On 27 May, from 10:30 until 14:00, initiatives continue with a round table concerning nutritional fragility of the elderly "Listening and Accompanying. Support the networks of help for the oldsters that are fragile", with: Maria Cristina Cantù from region Lombardy council and Pierfrancesco Majorino from the District of Milan council.

On 28 and 30 May, from 10:20 until 14:00, the association promotes two initiarives, “Eating geographically: for a healthy and sustainable nutrition” and “Not in poor health: eating good to be healthy”, focused on research and sustainability of food, under a social and economic perspective, too. Giovanni Muttillo, president of Collegio lpasvi Milano, Lodi, Monza e Brianza, particpates to both.

In the same days, from 14:00 until 19:00, Amici Casa della Carità organizes laboratories for kids, “Cooking with pirates”, on food and multiculturality.

Association Amici Casa della Carità, directed by Maria Grazia Guida, aims at supporting fragile people, as well as developing with youngsters a culture of social responsibility towards fragility and poverty.