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The protagonists of Cascina Triulza's Market

Culinary delights and local and international crafts

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With Inside Sicily it is possible to discover the Sicilian innovative enterprises and typical products of pastry, bread and food of a land full of charm, history and culture.

The Regione Umbria enhances the excellence of its territory, promoting them in the green heart of Cascina Triulza.

Villani Salumi, sponsor of the restaurant and of the picnic area of Cascina Triulza, features a selection of their food, by quality and sustainability. Since 1886, passion for craftsmanship.

Latteria Soresina shows dairy products of one of the largest cooperatives in Italian industry.

Galleria Maridadi, from Sweden, presents objects in handmade wooden, carved stone objects, natural fiber woven baskets, clothing and jewelery African.

From India, Heritage Art House provides visitors with tea, coffee, artefacts, souvenirs, textiles, accessories.

Giuliano Tartufi, reality of excellence in Umbria, offers the truffle specialties: creams, sauces and prepared with truffles. Truffles pure: pate based only truffles, truffles in brine of whole, sliced ​​truffles. Specialties with porcini mushrooms: sauces and preparations made from mushrooms.

The exhibitors who will be present in week 25th to 31st May


The ANCI, the association of Italian municipalities, presents the handicrafts and food, in addition to the natural beauty of Sordevolo and municipalities of the Comunità montana dell'Elvo, in the province of Biella. Always in the same space ANCI provides news and information about Monza and the municipalities of Valli del Luinese, in the province of Varese.

Municipality of Campli

National Association Città della Chianina