21 May May 2015 1249 4 years ago

Ten young "ambassadors of dialogue" arrive in Cascina Triulza

They will promote the interconnection between civil society and philanthropists

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A dialogue between the civil society and the world of philanthropy. This is the task that ten young PhD students ambassadors will perform, they entered in Cascina Triulza for the first time, on May 20th. The occasion was a visit to the Civil Society Pavilion by representatives of major philanthropic organizations in the world, a phase of the Aga Meeting, the Annual General Meeting & Conference of European Foundations.

The youth ambassadors will follow the three-day conference Aga Meeting with the objective to find points of contact between discussions of AGA Meeting and proposals of Cascina Triulza. And their job to seek connections between civil society and the world of philanthropy will continue during all six months of Expo 2015.

The winners of the announcement are the graduate students of the universities of Milan and "ambassadors": Monica Bernardi, Rossella Ferorelli, Alessandro Frigerio, Chiara Galbersanini, Jean Baptiste Geissler, Elena Lombardo, Elisa Longoni, Elisa Ricciuti, Giacomo Tagiuri e Laura Zoboli. They were accompanied by Professor Giuliana Costa of Milan Polytechnic University, the project coordinator.