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Uganda's redemption projects viewed by seven young photographers

Cesvi promotes in the African country the hope for the future

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"Uganda - Land of Hope" is a multimedia exhibition organized by Cesvi with the support of the European Commission, open to the public from May 18th to 24th at the Cascina Triulza, the Pavilion of Expo Milano 2015 dedicated to Civil Society.

The opening is scheduled for Tuesday, May 19th at 11.30: Speakers Giangi Milesi, Cesvi President, who will present the calendar of Cesvi events in ​​Expo Milano 2015, Giampaolo Musumeci, journalist and writer, and Alberto Prina, photographer. You can participate in a guided tour of the exhibition by the photographer. Guided tours will be organized over the weekend.

The exhibition is the journey of seven young European winners of the video-photographic contest launched under the campaign "Food Right Now" by Cesvi and its European partners: Alliance 2015 - Acted, Concern Worldwide, Welthungerhilfe and People in Need. The prize was an unforgettable experience accompanied by professional photographer and filmmaker, the boys had the opportunity to visit the rural areas of Northern Uganda, seeing with their own eyes the projects of the NGO network Alliance 2015.

In Northern Uganda 2 million people have fled their homes during more than 20 years of civil war led by Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), which has waged a campaign of terror and violence to overthrow the central government and which it was finally driven out of the country only in 2005-2006. Since then, the displaced people began to return to their villages, with the dream of starting a new life.

"Uganda - Land of Hope" tells, through the choice of some simple keywords and a particular attention to issues related to food and agriculture, a country evolving and the challenges that humanitarian workers of Alliance 2015 organizations face every day to help people recover from the wounds inflicted by the civil war.

In the photographs of Alberto Prina and videos by Giampaolo Musumeci, you may discover that even build a road is a way to ensure food to families in Uganda, giving opportunities to local manpower.

The shots of the two professionals is combined with the images created by the young winners of the "Food Right Now": selfie and snapshots captured with the genuineness of first experience and with the intensity of Africa, which captures the soul with its colors, its smells and its people, full of lust for life and ready to overcome the difficulties of a complex situation.

The exhibition is a journey in the daily organization of Alliance2015 to ensure respect for the land rights, strengthening of agricultural practices a and sustainable food to the most vulnerables.

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CESVI – Alliance 2015

Cesvi is a secular and independent NGO established in Bergamo in 1985. Cesvi works in all continents to face humanitarian crisis and to restore the civil society after wars and natural calamities. Cesvi turns emergency relief into an occasion to build up medium and long-term projects able to promote the self-development of  local communities. In Italy and Europe, Cesvi carries out awareness activities in order to foster a culture of world solidarity, in particular amongst young people.