17 May May 2015 1816 4 years ago

Expo says no to discrimination. Agedo promotes rights in Cascina

Signed the Charter for Equal opportunities and equality at work and launched #Hungry4HumanRights

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A document and a hashtag to promote the fight against discrimination and attention to human rights. Saturday 16th of May Expo 2015 and the City of Milan have signed the "Charter for Equal Opportunities and Equality at Work" and launched the hashtag # Hungry4HumanRights.

The Charter, launched in Italy 5 October 2009, is a declaration of intent signed voluntarily by companies and governments of all sizes, for the promotion of a business culture, administrative and political of human resources inclusive, free of discrimination and prejudice. The Charter in Italy has already been signed by 674 companies and 221 public administrations.

And in the Pavilion of Civil Society was present the association Agedo with its own stand and with a series of initiatives to reflect on our use of the words to define our identity. "Words in the cage" is the title of the project presented by Agedo and articulated in a photo exhibition, a series of meetings and a workshop.

Rita De Santis, honorary president of Agedo, sais that "there is no family but several families as well as the body is not outrageous, is simply the container of the soul. And the soul can be heterosexual or LGBTQ. And so the word migrant indicates a change, a transition not only physical, but also mental"

(in photos the exhibition space of Agedo in Cascina Triulza and the workshop "Words that feed" of 16th May 2015)