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With Jci Expo visitors involved in UN agenda after 2015

Marked the 100th anniversary of the organization supporting young talents

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They are Roberto Felli , Annamaria Pasamonte , Federica Barbieri and Esther Tagliaferri: four young people between 18 and 26 years who participated in the speaking contest, in English, which celebrated Saturday, May 16th at Cascina Triulza, the civil society pavilion at EXPO 2015, the centenary of the movement Jci, organized by JCI Italy , the national section of Junior Chamber International.

The JCI movement, global leadership of active citizens, was established in 1915 in St. Louis (USA). Today it is present in over 120 countries and 5,000 local communities and represents a network of hundreds of thousands of young men and women between 18 and 40, senators (honorary members over 40) and alumni, including former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Prince Albert II of Monaco and the current Japanese Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso.

In order to celebrate the international anniversary, JCI Italy has successfully taken part to the International Call for Ideas launched by Triulza Foundation. So, on Saturday, in the first ever pavilion of civil society at EXPO, the NGO offered a rich program for all, with the special participation of Italian and foreign guests, including JCI President Ismail Haznedar and the President of the Regional Council of Lombardy Raffaele Cattaneo. To celebrate 100 years of JCI impact at Cascina Triulza arrived even the the podium of the My World Campaign with the UN logo to invite citizens to express their opinion regarding the post 2015 agenda.

Together with the Ismail Haznedar, 2015 International President (the first Turkish citizen who leads JCI), there were several other guests: Kentaro Harada (Japan), 2011 International President and current chairman of the JCI Foundation; Chiara Milani, 2013 International President and current Honorary Chairperson of the Italian celebrations of the JCI century (first Italian ever and first European woman to have led JCI); Charlotte Moller Bysted (Denmark), current International Vice President. In addition to them and to JCI Italy President Emmadesiree Ciaburri Galasso, there were Raffaele Cattaneo, president of the Lombardy Regional Council, Xavier Longan, of the UNDP, and Luca Donelli, responsible for Community and International Affairs of Young Industrials. After the EXPO tour in the morning, the JCI delegation stopped at Cascina Triulza, where there were several events.

In the Auditorium of the civil society pavilion there were the finals of the English Speaking competition on "Feeding the planet, energy for life" (winner Ester Tagliaferri from Turin); after that, there was the workshop with the five young honorees of the national selection of TOYP (The Outstanding Young Persons) Award (winners: Toyp business Mariangela Costantino lom Lamezia terme; Toyp personal growth to Emma Parmigiani lom Parma; Toyp culture Silvia Pujia lom Lamezia Terme; Toyp research Luigi Galluccio lom Salerno; Premio Toyp volunteering Carolina Gambirasio lom Varese. Then the round table "ISR and CSR: Exploding energies to change the world" regarding both individual and corporate social responsibility with the national and international keynote speakers mentioned above.

In the evening, on the stage of Triulza there was JCI Italy TOYP and Speaking competition ceremony, historical and motivational videos, best practices sharing related to the UN Millennium Development Goals and the promotion both of the Charter of Milan and the post 2015 survey.

Thanks to the partnership existing since 1954 between JCI (the only NGO, that is not a UN agency, that can show in its logo the UN globe) and the Unite Nations and following the letter of intent for the involvement of JCI in the post-2015 consultations, signed in 2013 at UN in New York by the Italian JCI President Chiara Milani, on Saturday, May 16, EXPO visitors were invited to choose which priorities they will vote for post 2015 agenda, by expressing their opinion directly from My World Campaign Podium.