13 May May 2015 1840 4 years ago

The opening of Expo? More and more visitors are optimistic

Presented in Cascina Triulza, Civil Society Pavilion, the first results of the Universal Exposition

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More optimistic people, less skeptics. This is the positive goal of the first ten days of Expo Milano 2015. Giuliano Pisapia, Mayor of Milan, presented the first results of the Universal Exposition, during the press conference which was held on May 13th in Cascina Triulza. The conference was also attended by Giuseppe Sala, Government Representative for Expo Milano 2015, Maurizio Martina, Minister of Agriculture Forestry, Roberto Maroni, President of the Lombardy Region, Sergio Silvotti, President of Foundation Triulza.

"The skeptics have decreased and increased the optimists, said Pisapia. And it was significant to choose Cascina Triulza, home of the organizations of civil society, to present this goal. " And Sergio Silvotti, President of Triulza Foundation, said that "Expo 2015 is an opportunity to bring together the civil society and the market on important issues for the future of the people and the community."

Also Sala highlighted the importance of cooperation between Expo and Cascina Triulza to activate many initiatives such as the Mobility Center, for which "will soon be available 60 electric vehicles and 50 manuals for visitors with disabilities." "Today there are 11, 3 million tickets sold, directly or guaranteed by a bank guarantee - adds Sala - and thanks to an agreement with Explora Tourism we will soon offer guided tours".

Not only satisfaction for the number of people who visited Expo until today but also attention to the issues of debate of the Universal Exposition. "We have already passed - says Martina - 100 thousand signatures to the Charter of Milan, the document of debate on the issues of Expo 2015. We are animating a unique event. We started very well. Expo has a strong educational key. The comments of visitors and their smiles confirm the quality of the work done".

Expo also expected the visit of the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella, on June 5th, the World Environment Day. A day in line with the themes of food, sustainability and environment object of this Universal Exposition. Those themes make Expo 2015 "a party of the territories, but also an opportunity to meet and exchange our businesses", said Maroni.