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Villani Salumi, 130 years of tradition and sustainability

The values of the company from Castelnuovo Rangone to Expo 2015 - Cascina Triulza

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The family company Villani Salumi is present at Expo 2015 as a sponsor of the restaurant and picnic areas of Cascina Triulza, the Civil Society Pavilion. Villani Salumi promotes the authenticity and craftsmanship of the products on the one hand and sustainability and animal welfare on the other.

"Union with Cascina Triulza - says the General Director of Villani, Corradino Marconi - is for us a very important commitment that propels us in the only space that existed before and will survive the Expo, an old farm building, completely renovated. As sponsors of the restaurant and picnic areas we have the unique opportunity to present our products to the world and our experience of artisan of cold cuts for five generations". "Our mission - Marconi continues - is also a daily challenge: to combine tradition and innovation, know-how and attention to consumers today.

Villani is about to turn 130 years and get an appointment with the Universal Exhibition in excellent health, with a turnover of over 80 million euro in 2014, an increase (+11 million in two years), more than 200 employees on five production sites and a full range of products that consists in about 100 types of cold cuts of the highest quality. The company invested 10 million euro in the last three years in technology and machinery annd the exports accounts for about 40% of total sales.

"From the Register of Companies of the Chamber of Commerce of Modena Villani Salumi turns out to be, in Emilia-Romagna, the oldest reality delicatessen food company and the sixth longest ever," says Giuseppe Villani, CEO of Villani. "Our every choice holds in high regard the well-being and expectations of the people who work with us, which is why we want to share with them - continues Villani - the event that will take place in Cascina Triulza on 14th of June".

"What we want to promote from the Expo - said the General Director of Marconi - a message of optimism and confidence in the future. From the beginning of 2014 instead of decreasing staff, as unfortunately happens in many production companies in the country, we have expanded the staff of 25 units".