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Children Lab starts from May, 11th

Every day three free workshops for children about the Expo topics

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Close to Children Park, from May 11th on, two areas for children and teenagers in Cascina Triulza, the Civil Society Pavilion in Expo2015. Two spaces available for free dedicated to families with children: the Biberoneria (Baby Area) dedicated to all parents to care for and feed their children aged from 0 to 4 years in a safe and secure environment and the Children Lab, a space dedicated to the involvement of children from 4 to 10 years through experiential initiatives.
As part of the animation and entertainment, the Children Lab welcomes every day three laboratories (11 am, 3 pm and 5 pm), lasting one hour.
From May 11th to 17th, children can participate in workshops organized by Kid's Club of Rome in collaboration with Association Ambalt (Associazione marchigiana for assistance and care of Children Suffering from leukemia or tumors):
  • at 11 am you will discover how to eat healthy;
  • at 3 pm you can use your imagination to recycling and reuse materials;
  • at 5 pm you will discover the importance of water with a fairy tale.

To book workshops send an e-mail to: marketing@cascina-triulza.org

The contents of the workshops are a variation of the themes Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life and focus especially on water (water and life - water and energy - water and food - water and lifestyles - water and human rights), on eating healthy and environmental sustainability. The activities are managed by 18 organizations that were choosen through a special call made to select the best expertise in offering entertainment and educational for children. The Children lab is sponsored by the Group Cap - Fondazione Lida and Valfrutta.
CascinaTriulza also has a picnic area in the orchard, where families can dine safely, and an open courtyard where children can play and participate in educational and recreational activities, artistic and cultural events from morning to night.