11 May May 2015 2200 4 years ago

Agedo promotes rights and personal identity LGBTQ

Initiatives and exhibition to reflect on the words against homophobia

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An important presence, from 11 to 17th of May, for a community that wants to be treated like the others. Not unnatural, not against something else, but simply with their own identity and their own ideas, to confront those who still harbors deep prejudices. This is the meaning of the participation of Agedo (Association of parents, relatives and friends of gays and lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people).

In the Civil Society Pavilion Agedo is present with its own exhibition space on the first floor of the farmhouse and with a series of initiatives to reflect on the use we make of words in defining our identity. "Words prisoners" is the title of the project: a photographic exhibition and a series of meetings and workshops that will be held on days 15, 16, 17th of May.

"There is no family but several families - explains Rita De Santis, honorary president of Agedo - as well as the body is not outrageous, is simply the container of the soul. And the soul can be heterosexual or LGBTQ".

Click here for further information on the project and on the presence in Cascina Triulza of Agedo.