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May 11th: Cooperativa Buena Vida leading the day at the Civil Society Pavillion

Meetings, music, dance and tea blending to achieve psycho-physical wellbeing

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Monday 11 May in the Cascina Triulza, Civil Society Pavillion, Cooperativa Buena Vida presents its project of individual wellbeing development. In a facility managed entirely by disabled people, this social cooperative promotes activities of social inclusion, alternative therapies for the person’s wellbeing, individual resources development, training and information.

This method is very close to Expo 2015, since healthy eating habits and lifestyle, as well as a healthy environment, liea t the very basis of individual wellbeing.

Cooperativa Buena Vida proposes its approach and activities through four events, that will take place on May 11th in Cascina Triulza.

10:30 - 12:30:Building your wellness. Awakenings”, educationl conference aiming at bringing alternative therapeutical approaches at the heart of public debate. In particular, it supports a method based on the perception of the individual as a part of the whole environment. Therefore, our wellbeing depends on or interaction with surrounding entities

14:30 - 16:30: Search your Balance by Dancing”, workshop focused on the search for self-balance and led by director Amadeo from Broadway.

16:30 - 18:00: My Tea”, workshop on the art of tea blending, where participants can make their own blend.

21:00 - 22:30: Awakenings: Music and Light Design”, the innovative music of DJ Dragosh, an expert in sound design and electronic music.

The central theme of the day is the achievement of individual psycho-physical wellbeing through practical experiences involving the interaction between the person and the surrounding environment.

Cooperativa Buena Vida originates in 2014 in Ancona, founded by multidisciplinary professionals, whose objective is fostering a new therapeutical approach for people’s wellbeing.

The whole initiative is hosted in Cascina Triulza, Expo site avenue 8.