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Lions against the food waste

The XX Congress of Spring Lions District 108 IB4 – The great Milan

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108 IB4 of the Lions Club chose Cascina Triulza for the XX Congress of the spring. On 9th of May was presented the program of Lions involvement in Expo 2015.

Lions Clubs International is a Club organization of care that counts 1.4 million of members organized in 46.000 Clubs in 210 countries. The Lions are dedicated to volunteering in several community projects: environment protection, providing practical services in the community, the rescue for natural disasters in emergencies, the fight against hunger and thirst, improving the health of children and adults around the world, the assistance for elderly and disabled people.

The themes of Lions involvement in Expo 2015 are:

  • Fight hunger and thirst
  • Fight the waste of food and water
  • Food quality and safety
  • Environmental protection in the food chain
  • Prevention health
  • Preservation of traditions and biodiversity
  • Food education, healthy lifestyles
  • Promoting innivation with social purpose

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