6 May May 2015 1252 4 years ago

Cascina Triulza dedicates the auditorium in memory of Pier Mario Vello

A plaque commemorating the Secretary-General of the Cariplo Foundation

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Cascina Triulza remembers Pier Mario Vello, Secretary-General of the Cariplo Foundation for over eight years, by dedicating the Auditorium of the Civil Society Pavilion, that is intended as a space for discussion and dialogue during and after six months of the World Exhibition.

During a brief ceremony in Cascina Triulza on May 7th it was discovered a plaque in his memory.

"The adventure of the Civil Society Pavilion of Expo 2015 could only start putting together the enthusiasm, the vision and the skills able to mobilize the heritage of energy needed - said Sergio Silvotti, President of Triulza Foundation - These features all belonged to Pier Mario Vello".

"To Pier Mario goes the merit of having built the effective international relations that led the Cariplo Foundation and all no-profit organizations and institutions linked to it to work on many projects", said Giuseppe Guzzetti, chairman of Fondazione Cariplo.