2 May May 2015 1510 4 years ago

Habitat Verticali: dance and music on Cascina Triulza facade

The performance is produced by Il Posto Dance Company

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The Vertical Dance show that the Company Il Posto propose in Cascina Triulza at the opening of Expo 2015 is based on the interaction between dance, music and architecture. The performance challenge gravity by using the void, the aerial dimension and the forms of landscape as a stage. Therefore, a new, unexpected and uncommon point of view, a different visual perspective is presented to the audience, which becomes spectator(s) of a change of setting, that shifts into different figures, visions and forms. There are no borders nor roles, because everything has become a unique space gathered by the presence of the bodies, a space that changes only through movement and music. Music, produced by the musician Marco Castelli, completes the creation of which the audience and the location are integral figures.