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From Cascina Triulza a different model of sustainability

"terra viva" of civil society's manifesto for a new social, economic and agricultural pact

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A circular economy based on regeneration of resources. Agriculture plays a key role within this new vision to exchanges a linear process of exploitation of land and resources with a circular process based on reintegration and regeneration which in turn guarantees resilience, sustainability, justice and peace. This is the core of the message contained in Manifesto Terra Viva, presented today at Cascina Triulza byNavdanya International, Banca Etica and Fondazione Triulza.

The Civil Society Pavillion at Expo 2015 has chosen to open it's cultural programme with a particularly significant event attended by Vandana Shiva, president of Navdanya International, Don Luigi Ciotti, Presidente di Libera, Maurizio Martina, Minister of Agricultural, Alimentary and Forestry Policies with responsibility for Expo Milano 2015, Ugo Biggeri, President of Banca Etica ed Etica Sgr, Sabina Siniscalchi, deputy Vicepresident of the Fondazione Triulza, Hilal Elver, UN Special Rapporteur for the Right to Food.

"The economy, which is part of society, has been placed above society, out of democratic control", comments Vandana Shiva, leader of Navdanya International. "The wellbeing of people and of communities has been replaced by the wellbeing of multinationals. At the same time real production has been replaced by the abstract multiplication of capital. The result is that democracy has disappeared and economic imbalances have increased. What is needed is a new pact that recognises that we are the soil; we come from the soil and we are sustained by the soil. The message we are putting out is loud and clear; the new democracy is Earth Democracy”.

"Terra Viva" is both analyzes and denounces the current extractive linear economic model, but more importantly puts forward proposals on how to make the shift in favour of the circular regenerative model to make the necessary economic and social choices. The Terra Viva Manifesto is the fruit of the labour of an international panel of researchers and experts from around the world, spearheaded by Vandana Shiva, which included Luc Gnacadja, former secretary of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification; Andrea Baranes, economist; Nnimmo Bassey, alternative Nobel Prize winner.

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