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11 May May 2015 1000 5 years ago 17 May May 2015 2100 5 years ago
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Word in the cage - Photo Exhibition


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The association AGEDO in collaboration with POLIEDRO (students of Politecnico di Milano) during the International Day Against Homophobia, presents "Words in the Cage", a photo exhibition located within the Cascina Triulza. It deals of six themes stereotyped by thinking of contemporary society. The topics considered are: Family, Nature, Food, Body, Urban, Citizen, Migrant.

  • Family: base of Italian society exploited by Catholic religion in contrast with the multi-ethnic society where we are living.
  • Nature: the human being is changeable so it’s not able to define objectively what is or is not natural in the world around him. What are the limits that separate a natural element from one that is not?
  • Food: why the food is important in an ethnic group? What is the relationship with food as Italian people? The food is: a source of survival, ostentation, reason of discrimination.
  • Body: as shape, it creates a border about our space, our essence and our lives, giving us form as human beings.
  • Citizen: people always need to identify themselves with a group, so over time many metropolis were born; actually they contribute to the isolation of people.
  • Migrant: is an unstable condition of the human being, forced to move from their hometown, because this situation doesn’t allow the person to realized his life.




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