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Children Lab

The amazing trip of mister water

Laboratory on water

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Children Lab Cascina Triulza

The main objective of the workshop is to internalize the children that water is a precious resource not to be wasted because fundamental for life and its role in the balance of the planet. Our laboratory will begin with a fairy tale animated, will be a funny story interpreted with costumes and theatrical skills to our staff that will capture the attention of children who will be involved as main actors. Water is an irreplaceable asset, we will try to raise awareness to a liability in its consumption. The project will continue with a workshop for kids and painting together retracing the steps described in the story in a large mural. The aim of the game? Emphasize that resource and its wealth.

This initiative is organized by Cascina Triulza in partnership with Kid's Club and Ambalt (Associazione Marchigiana per l’assistenza e la cura dei Bambini Affetti da Leucemia o Tumori).




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