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Workshop Room 100


art and balance, to make My blend

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After a brief introduction of Tea and blending processes, participants start to make  their  own blend. They could use different ingredients to mix with balance, following the explained principles, and their tastes and inspirations. At the end of this olfactory and sensorial stage, participants point out a recipe and then, will make and taste their own blend. The conclusive part of workshop consists in naming each blends and shortly explaining the final result. Every participant will hold his own blend.

To drink a good cup of Tea is a magic ritual. The leaves’ magic is revealed in the infusion, when the scents and colors are released conquering even the most distracted guests. A real treat for all the senses! Cose di Tè choses  the finest Teas and accessories from all over the world in order to offer you a truly memorable experience.




Arte e cultura
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