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The harmonic relations

Ballet based on the theme of the meeting


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The choreography is an extract from the performances made in Ferentillo (TR) by choreographers for Residenze Creative by the association Dance Continuum during the project "Harmonic Relations" within the "Ferentillo and the Residences of Art" edition 2015, artistic director Cristina Caponera.

Relations Harmonics are focused on the theme of the meeting, the relationship in the sense of "harmonious relationship", of "consistency" of the parties. The type of connection or relationship that elements are mutually 'compounds', gives rise to the 'harmony' of the parties and then to the beauty and harmony of the whole. The theme, seemingly simple, has sprung from the great cultural and social value of the meeting content in the activities of an artist residency.


Director: Cristina Caponera

Original music: Federico Di Maio, Marco Melia

Choreographers and performers: Rossana Abritta, Giovanni Luca Braccia, Roberta D'Amore, Paolo Pisarra

Dancers: Federica Cucinotta, Claudia Fumato, Denise Patanè.




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