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Festival sull'aia with the municipality Tortona

A festival that will fill throug all day the Cascina, everything made in Tortona


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The festival was founded by a small "miracle" that saw aggregate, around the proposal to participate in Expo 2015 Artinfiera Association which is based in the village of San Sebastiano Curone, the municipalities of Tortona, the small farmers, the most innovative, with curiosity and enthusiasm, thanks to the support of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Tortona.

The network of the towns of Tortona is present throughout the period Expo exhibition area of ​​Cascina Triulza with an installation by the artist Piero Mega says that the natural human and cultural center of a world to know.

The Festival sull'Aia is a convivial open to the public, friends, employees of Expo to celebrate the fact, to the many small towns of Tortona experiences that are brought into play in a perspective of communication.


Preview music from 17.00 with Sunadù, Stefano Valla and Daniele Scurati, musicians specializing in traditional musical repertoire of four provinces, fife (folk oboe) and accordion. Their task is to keep alive the music and culture of oral tradition of this mountain area, combining the folk dance as a fundamental moment of aggregation.

From 19.00: meeting with the mayors, the presentation of some experiences to follow wine tasting: Wine Timorasso, salami, cheese Montebore, cakes, macaroons and kisses lady Pastry Rip.

From 20.00: music and dancing with The Sunadù.

Participation and tastings are free, the desire to dance is obligatory!




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