Expo 2015 Italia Rho Rho Fiera Milano
1 June Jun 2015 1000 5 years ago 28 June Jun 2015 2100 5 years ago
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Exhibition: Certifications of products from sustainable fishing, aquaculture, agriculture and farming

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A multimedia exhibition, launching the FOS/FOE projects, will be addressed to the young as well as the adult, offering arguments for creative and sensory interaction and involvement.

Games for children will be organized and managed by qualified and multilingual experts with specific knowledge in the subjects treated. Children from primary school will be introduced to the world of fishing and agriculture through simple simulations and games. The topic of sustainability will be properly explained with practical examples. Children will understand how their food choices can motivate producers to sustainable practices.

Delegates of certified companies will explain their sustainable practices during workshops addressed to adult audience (people over 12). Examples of sustainable production activities will be introduced in a simple and clear way.