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8 May May 2015 1015 5 years ago 8 May May 2015 1400 5 years ago
Workshop Room 50

Enjoy your meal!

Interactive practical laboratory to teach kids the basic rules about food safety

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Ph Giacomo Brini  Altroconsumo

If your mom could see the cutting board used in the kitchen to prepare the roast or the sink after cleaning vegetables under a microscope, she would be freaked out! Drainer, sponges, dish towels, cutting boards and utensils in the kitchen collect bacteria, germs and viruses, responsible at least of stomach pains. And then there's food. Did you know that each food - raw and cooked - should be placed in a specific place in the fridge? Discover with Altroconsumo why food may also become a risk for your health and how hygiene is the best defense.


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