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Civilization 2.0 - Towards a New Era of Enlightened Humanity Through Meditation

If we are truly to transition to a new era, a shift in consciousness from within is needed.

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Sahaja Yoga

We face unprecedented challenges in our increasingly crowded planet and it is clear that something fundamental needs to be done, but what? This conference aims to highlight some of the practical benefits and applications that something as seemingly simple as regular daily silent meditation can bring to individuals and society as a whole, starting from improved mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Program description:

  • The Role of Meditation Against Modern Stress - Engelbert Oman, Medical doctor
  • Meditation at Work and the Development of Sustainable Business Models - Maurizio Zollo, Research director Bocconi University. 
  •  The Power of Meditation To Enrich Arts, Music & Culture - Gerald Wirth, President of Vienna Boys Choir
  • Meditation And Productivity In Agriculture Elena Poli, researcher at the Centre for Agro-food Economy and Development (Spain)
  • Experiencing Meditation through Self-Realisation – participants will have the opportunity  to experience the profound impact of Sahaja Yoga meditation for themselves




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