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Building Your Wellness. Awakenings

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The conference 'Creating Wellness’ promotes a culture that begins from the resources we have to build the health and well-being of ourselves and others. It’s focused on the importance of creating network and synergy between the various professionals occupied in the health and well-being, in order to prevent and then treat physical, psychological and / or social difficulties. This model of intervention is based on concept of person as whole of mind - body - spirit embedded in a social and environmental context, interacting with everything around him, animate and inanimate. It’s impossible to speak of wellbeing if nothing is done in synergy with all aspects that influence a person, social relations, the habitat in which it lives, then his relationship with life and the planet earth. In this view there are also new business models that integrate social projects in the environment and its respect.


  • Rosella Sbarbati – Specialista in Scienza dell'Alimentazione Gessica Grelloni - Psicologa e Psicoterapeuta
  • Daniela  Carboni – Ingegnere Civile Specializzato in Architettura Bioecologica
  • Barbaro Rodys Durruthy Wilson  - Massofisioterapista e Allenatore Sportivo Best Practis
  • Fulvio De Nigris – direttore del Centro Studi per la Ricerca sul Coma Gli amici di Luca, coordina per il Comune di Bologna il progetto Casa dei Risvegli Luca De Nigris



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