Expo 2015 Italia Rho Rho Fiera Milano
11 May May 2015 2100 3 years ago 11 May May 2015 2230 3 years ago

“Awakenings: Music and Light Design”

Performance dj Dragos


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A natural predisposition to manipulate sound waves and musical algorithms, Dragosh, born and raised in Bucharest, started from the age of 15 years playing with the music software on the basis of a healthy obsession to be searched through sound research and that over the years enlarged in synergistic relationship with the sound design. His music can be defined by the term "passion" to convey to others the joy of life and awaken our souls to meet our primary states. The philosophy of Dragosh electronic music is to never stop studying sound design and always try to go. Through this event Dragosh is wishing to talk about a reality, that of discomfort bio - psycho-social, from a holistic point of view, trying to retrieve a power of intervention, both preventive and care, with all people whether they are "normal" or Physical Disabilities and / or psychological.





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