Expo 2015 Italia Rho Rho Fiera Milano
19 May May 2015 1400 4 years ago 19 May May 2015 1600 4 years ago
Workshop Room 100

Abundance and deprivation: the contemporary paradox - Wheat biodiversity and charitable initiatives in tuscany traditions

To relieve gluten sensitivity you may use the ancient grains, not genetically reworked by man, which have lower content of this element. Their consumption protects biodiversity and cultural heritage of the territory. For feeding the hunger of people in need in Tuscany, Lions deliver at home several meals a day

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To witness the contemporary paradox of abundance and deprivation,the event is organized in two parts:


First Part – Wheat biodiversity to relieve gluten sensitivity

The Lion Professor Pier Luigi Rossi will present three particular native wheat of Tuscany and the return to their cultivation to recover the original properties of such wheat for the welfare of those who are sensitive to gluten.


Second Part – Charitable initiatives to feed the hunger

The Lion Francesco Ruschi Noceti will show the service of delivery door to door, of prepackaged meals to people in need.


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