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23 May May 2015 1030 4 years ago 23 May May 2015 1300 4 years ago
Workshop Room 50

8th edition of the course in Geopolitics and International Relationships – Lesson of the Geopolitics course titled “The world campaigns for Food Security” with Giorgio Bernardelli

The goal of the course in Geopolitics and International Relationships, organized by Centro Studi geopolitica.info, Acli of Milan and Ipsia of Milan is to deepen the present geopolitical dynamics.

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The issues treated during the course are extremely topical: from the crisis of USA leadership to the conflict in Ukraine, from the full transparency in diplomacy to Isis. The teaching approach aims to offer to participants a geography of the most meaningful themes of 2015.

The teaching staff is composed by university professors, researchers, journalists and practitioners who are not only competent, but also able to convey efficiently data and concepts to an audience of  “outsiders”. In particular the planned lesson will relate to food security, with the contribution of prof. Giorgio Bernardelli – journalist and  essayist.




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